Automating the Discipline That Pays Dividends

Our Retail Analytics Software transforms vast quantities of point of sale (POS) data into meaningful, actionable opportunities. We provide retailers, their suppliers and licensors an easy to use, sophisticated set of retail analytics tools to manage and study the performance of their items, much like the buyer would.

Now you can have access to POS System Software that enables you to:

  • track retail sales and inventory by SKU by location,
  • see which stores are sold out or have inventory with no sales,
  • forecast future sales,
  • determine replenishment quantities by store,
  • compare color and size ratios,
  • determine demographic and geographic characteristics affecting performance, and much more.

If you’re a retailer, supplier, or licensor, find out how our Retail POS Analysis Software helped add 100’s of millions of dollars to our clients’ bottom line – contact us today.

We can meet you at whatever level you are comfortable with:

  • Don’t know what questions to ask? Our latest software module, RetailNarrative, acts as your virtual “eyes” sifting through sku-store combinations in the background to find high and low level recommendations.
  • WeeklyAnalyst,  so compelling that more than one department at Sam’s Club adopted that format for their vendors’ reports. Low cost and easy to use, it is a great tool for companies new to this discipline.
  • An open, flexible, ad hoc reporting platform empowering users to create reports to their established format. Perfect for those that have struggled to keep up with reporting using Excel, Access or similar software.
  • A suite of actionable, Best Practice reports inspired by some of smartest minds in the Retail and Wholesale business. From building weekly sales, inventory and profit plans to using demographic data to pinpoint merchandise opportunities to enhance the business. Ideal for planners who want to work on actionable opportunities to grow the business.
  • Consulting: Some companies want to outsource the entire planning process. Our expert consultants offer deep retail and wholesale experience – from Retail POS analysis to inventory planning.