So, you’re new to Retail Sales Analysis? We can help.

We offer a suite of retail benchmark reports at a very affordable cost: Weekly Analyst enables manufacturers to review their sell through at their retail partners on a simple and easy to use sales analysis platform. You can review your performance at a variety of levels from SKU to Chain or using your own defined attributes.

This retail sales analysis reporting tool takes your basic reporting to the next level, showing you not just sales and inventory, but store level execution. It helps you answer the key questions that every buyer wants to know:

This actionable information can then be exported to a Microsoft Excel document and shared with your organization or buyer. Developing a discipline of finding SKU’s and stores whose inventory levels can be maximized leads to increased sales, sell through, and profitability.


Key Features of the Weekly Analyst Sales Reporting Platform:

  • Creates ONE storehouse of data and a CONSISTENT platform of retail analytics reporting for ALL of your accounts.
  • We convert the MILLIONS of lines of point of sale EDI data into ACTIONABLE information in minutes! Can also use data from select retailer’s web sites.
  • Easily track items by SKU, Style, or Category, show multiple groups of items on one report, and even show same item across multiple retailers on one report.
  • Interactive experience – click on a store execution statistic and the store level detail information is revealed.
  • All report instances are saved – just refresh each week to run with the latest set of data.
  • More than the basics – shows you what’s happening at store level, such as stores that are sold out or stores with inventory and no sales.
  • User defined parameters make the report adaptable to virtually any product category.
  • Comprehensive Item Management that provides ability to “tag” items based on product attributes. Quickly assign tags with our filtering and search tools.
  • Get the statistics you need for Wal-Mart without writing multiple queries in Retail Link.
  • Analyzes the business in granular detail – by SKU, by store. Within those details exists additional sales and profit opportunities.
  • Arms your team with FACT based data, and helps you become a trusted advisor to your buyers.
  • No desktop software to install – access 24/7 from MS Internet Explorer browser.
  • All reports download to Microsoft Excel.

For additional information, please check out our resources page for an extensive collection of tools and guides to get a better understanding of sales analysis.

To learn more about Retail Sales Analysis & Reporting solutions offered by ERS, or if you would like to sign up for a free demonstration, contact us today!