Enhanced Retail Solutions’ Best Practices Retail Point of Sale and Inventory Replenishment Software has been developed over time with input from some the smartest minds in the Retail and Wholesale business. The Retail POS software service was developed to help improve inventory productivity and increase sales and profit. This Suite of Reports is the Planner’s Ultimate Toolkit and act as a perfect complement to our Advanced Retail Sales Analysis Software.

Over the past 12 years, the retail sales consultants at ERS have worked with manufacturers, retailers, and licensors to solve their key pain points. In many cases we are a company’s planning team, so we do the real day-to-day work that you do. Our  consulting experience and retail analytics technology have enabled us to automate a specific set of tasks. For example, recommending an at once store level allocation can be accomplished within seconds and with just 3 mouse clicks. All of the reports have specific functions that we believe should be a part of your planning discipline. They are interactive, which means that you have great flexibility to adjust parameters to get the most accurate results. The Best Practices Retail POS and Inventory Replenishment Software saves your team time, making your business more efficient, and allowing you to focus on what actions to take rather than devoting countless hours trying to manipulate and format disparate data on multiple platforms.

With Best Practices Retail Point of Sale and Inventory Replenishment Software, you simply select your report, enter a few parameters, and wait a few seconds. Once completed, you’ll have detailed, actionable reports that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars of increased sales for Retailers and their Suppliers.

Features include:

  • Action based retail POS software reports and functions designed to solve problems or generate new business
  • Designed to simplify and expedite tasks that take hours or days into minutes or seconds
  • Reports include: Opportunities and Liabilities, Store Execution Statistics, Demographic Profiling, Turnover and Lost Sales, Sales & Inventory. Ratios, Door Level Performance, Door Level Allocation Recommendations, Size Scale Analysis, Price Point by Region Analysis
  • Retail door level inventory replenishment
  • Item Planner for ladder plans and margin planning and analysis
  • Reports may be exported to Excel with formatting intact

Please contact Enhanced Retail Solutions for more information about how our Best Practices Retail POS and Inventory Replenishment Software can help your business be as productive and efficient as possible.