Item/Ladder Planning Software

Item Planner is the must-have software tool from Enhanced Retail Solutions for retail business planners who need to consistently monitor sales, inventory and profitability of their retail programs. Ladder plans are based on sales and inventory history, seasonality, the promotional cadence and profitability requirements. With our Item Planner software, you can build a plan from scratch or use last year’s information as the basis for a new plan. Then track business week by week- watching for trends that effect profitability and taking action to optimize performance. Any factor can be changed- making it the perfect tool to review multiple “what-if” scenarios. Plans can be set up at any level- SKU, style or category, then “rolled- up” to provide summary information. It also helps determine the most efficient receipt flow. New: Price Elasticity has been added to Item Planner!


The retail Ladder planning system shows what the net effect of profit will be based on seasonality, the retail promotional calendar and any additional “loads” (e.g.: shrinkage, freight charges). Based on these factors, the user can see if the cost structure will support the margin goal. The system will also calculate the optimum cost – the cost at which the margin goal is met. Both Buyers and Suppliers benefit from Item Planner because there are never any surprises. Both can see every week how well an item or program is performing against the plan, and can revise that plan in-season to reflect reality. Not only can you build that plan, but you can understand upfront what the full expectations are. The ladder planning software provides several reports (in Microsoft Excel) to help manage and track merchandise programs including: This Year Plan vs. Last Year, Weekly and Cumulative Sell Through, This Year Actual vs. This Year Plan and Last Year, and Receipt Planning. It is also fully integrated with our Business Intelligence software for custom, automated ad-hoc reporting and dashboards.

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