Drop Ship Tracking Software

Retailers seek to improve customer satisfaction with drop ship by insuring all drop shipments are delivered as ordered and on time.  However, while all the order flow information is available on various EDI documents, nothing is tied together and presented to the interested parties.


Drop Ship Tracker ties together order flow information from various EDI documents, analyzes statistics such as normal response times, and shows if shipped items match what was ordered. ERS dashboard/Artificial Intelligence capabilities follow the data trail of orders placed by customers and show any breakdowns in the process, highlighting inefficiencies in the system and providing real time analytics/feedback.

Drop Ship Tracker insures customer satisfaction

Drop Ship Tracker insures customer satisfaction

To enhance collaboration between retailers and vendors, vendors may access the same Portal to see just their own drop ship tracking data. Retailers can view all or specific vendors; vendors see only their information. Vendors have a choice of a Base or Premium Level View:

Base Level View

  • Built in Narrative highlights exceptions automatically and in plain English.
  • Details order and ship status and alerts.
  • Offers visibility into supply chain: Ordered->Acknowledged->ASN->In Transit->Delivered. Find out where a product is stuck, even on the shipping dock.
  • See Ground Shipping Lead Times.
  • Drill down to see more detail including ship-tracking information.

Premium Level View

  • All Base Level View features above
  • Vendor sees its own information and how it ranks vs. other vendors.
  • Predicts when vendor will run out of stock.
  • Errors and exceptions, such as empty orders, UPCs not formatted correctly, etc.

If you’re a retailer looking to enhance your drop ship order process, please contact us today.

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