Enhanced Retail Solutions’ ForecastMaster Demand Planning Software Suite features a variety of predictive methodologies to estimate retail sales and the inventory needed to meet that potential in a weekly and/or monthly format.

In addition, our demand planning software suite offers an easy to use interface with over 50 user-controlled parameters and business rules, as well as item planning and tracking.

With ForecastMaster, the key is automated and streamlined functionality. We find that no matter how well intentioned, people can be inconsistent: we may get busy, sick, or take a vacation. That is one of the main reasons why our software takes the repetitive, tedious work of retail data analysis off our clients’ hands. After all, what’s the point of software if it doesn’t improve workflow?

Door Level Retail Sales revises demand, inventory positions are automatically updated, and inventory forecasts are created on their own. Additionally, any customized reporting can be automatically sent for approval via full integration with our Business Intelligence Software.

Whether you are a Retailer working with your own inventory, a Supplier feeding Retail Replenishment programs, or collaborating with your Retail Partners, Enhanced Retail Solutions’ Demand Planning Software will enable you to stay in stock – and with less inventory!

Features of our ForecastMaster Demand Planning Software Suite include:

  • Wholesale Inventory Planning
  • Retail Sales Estimator
  • New Item Demand Forecasting
  • Ladder Planning
  • Store Allocator
  • Seasonality Profiler
  • ERP Integration
  • Production Planning
  • Exception Reports
  • Forecast Accuracy Checking

Take a brief tour of our new forecasting software, then contact us to find out how our ForecastMaster Demand Planning Software Suite can benefit your business!