Sourcing and Production Planning Software

Sourcing & Production Planning Software

ERS Sourcing & Production Planning Software

We have become a “go to” resource for suppliers and retailers looking for cost effective, fast development of gaps in their systems, such as the software below.

Our cloud based Sourcing and Production Planning Tool offers a more streamlined, disciplined and detailed approach to managing, planning and tracking sourcing efforts across the globe. With it users can create and manage item plans – from the inception of an idea without details – to the actual units and dollars planned by date by factory.  Its ability to meet the user at various levels of product development provides both short and long term strategic planning by country and product category. Its supplier matrix provides a sourcing management tool to track, plan and rank direct suppliers (factories).  An electronic mechanism allows Sourcing Managers to share plans directly through the application with their factories.

ERS’ Sourcing and Production Planning software enables Sourcing Managers, Directors and VP’s to reconcile top down strategic plans with bottoms up item plans through an approval mechanism. Organizations without such a reporting system have a hard time managing their plans (Excel can only take you so far) don’t know until it’s too late if they are under or over bought against a budget and don’t have visibility to the financial viability of their direct sourcing business.

If you’re a retailer looking to enhance your sourcing and production planning process, please contact us today.

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