EDI 852 POS Software Conversion Process

At Enhanced Retail Solutions, our state of the art hardware and retail analytics software transform millions of lines of raw, unparsed EDI 852 POS text to clean, usable reporting in minutes! By outsourcing this process to the retail data processing experts at ERS, you don’t have to invest in sophisticated infrastructure (hardware, technical support, etc) to get actionable data. Our automated EDI 852 POS conversion service offers 24/7 data processing, including Sundays.

Many manufacturers have attempted to process 852 EDI POS data and either failed or quickly found it to be a significant drain of both their money and time. That’s because translating EDI (and other documents required in the process) involves scrubbing, synthesizing and applying business rules, formulas and algorithms, error checking and validation. And because every retailer provides data in a different format, the entire retail data analysis process must be amenable to change. We have the expertise and experience to develop sophisticated software that resides on secure, powerful servers to process this data.

EDI Transformation

Make that messy EDI document useful and actionable.

Once a company agrees to join our client list, they are understandably eager to see their reporting.  The longest bottleneck towards that goal is turning on the EDI 852 document transmission and making sure it is correct. Either our client’s EDI/IT departments are too busy to help, or may lack the expertise to know what to look for, how to request that EDI or what to request on it.  In addition, a client’s VAN could take a long time to turn on that document.

Eager to serve our clients and avoid those bottlenecks, we offer an end to end EDI POS solution to our clients, including the setup and delivery of those EDI 852 documents. A key side benefit is that our pricing is substantially lower than other VANs’ costs.

If you’d like a hassle-free way to transform your business’s EDI 852 POS data to usable metrics and reports, please contact the retail analytics specialists at Enhanced Retail Solutions.

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