We Can Manage any Available Data Across all Verticals and Retailers

Let’s face it: Managing retail data can be an incredible challenge! The sources are varied, from pdf’s to spreadsheets to text files to portal data to EDI documents. Data may be missing and layouts are often not conducive to clean import. A significant amount of your time is spent just getting the data – shifting time away from the more important task of interpreting that sales data and developing action plans.

EDI Transformation

Make that messy EDI document useful and actionable.

Our experienced team of retail management consultants can take this load off your shoulders, whether it is downloading portal or other data, cleaning that data, mixing data between web portal and EDI and/or uploading it to our retail software or to be used in our consulting.  We also can automate the download/upload process. We can also process EDI data and blend your internal information or missing data fields. Finally, we can merge outside sources such as your wholesale inventory, US Mall locations, ERS Best Practicesweather data, NPD, Nielsen, or scores of other information with your POS data to view correlations and come to actionable conclusions.

To learn more about how our retail consulting or software can help your business, contact us today!

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