Retail Buyers Course: Retail Merchant Class 101

Retail Merchant Class 101
Introducing a class to help you think like a retailer!

CEO Jim Lewis leads ERS' Retail Merchant Class

Jim Lewis leading Retail Merchant Class

The ERS Retail Merchant Class 101 provides you with tools to help your business better understand the retail buyer’s perspective and more! Whether it is one of our open to the public classes or a customized class tailored specifically for your company, take advantage of ERS’ decades of retail management and consulting experience in a high level manner that doesn’t require a great deal of time or cost. The half day class is a combination of interactive lectures, hands-on case studies, and insightful exercises (bring your pencil and calculator)!

The Audience
Manufacturers (sales, planning, supply chain), Licensors, and Agents – especially those in Retail Development. Focused primarily on the large retailers (mass, mid-tier, department stores, and big box specialty stores).

Key Topics

  • Understanding a buyer’s point of view, expectations and openness to vendor involvement
  • Looking for opportunities of growth (statistics, retail assortment, demographics)
  • Making money in today’s retail environment
  • Offering a compelling merchandise statement (comparison shopping, branding, pricing, why should a retailer buy from me?)
  • How to present new ideas to the retailer
  • Retail Math & Measurement standards
  • Why tracking the business at store level matters (lost sales, opportunities, profiling, inventory productivity)
  • Understanding Sales Forecasting from a retail perspective
  • Fundamentals of Inventory Replenishment
  • Assessing risk on margin guarantees and markdown negotiations – Planning to profit

Please contact us for more information about our ERS Retail Merchant Class 101 or if you have any questions regarding our web-based Retail Analytics 101 class.

Past Attendee’s Comments:
“Thank you, Jim and all your colleagues for offering this well needed class on Merchant retail relationships! I certainly learned so much! I left feeling empowered and got back to my office wrote a brand new Plan of Action and SWOT Analysis for my next meeting with my buyers.
-Jennifer Toussaint- Cali
Principle Vannuzza LLC

“…The class helped us understand the retail buyer’s perspective . Developing strategies and incorporating buying related tasks into the wholesale side of the business will enable us to grow our sales and improve profitability. The class pinpointed a variety of ways we can do this.”
-David Sitt
Principle Baby Togs /BT Kids


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