Enhanced Retail Solutions collectively offers decades of experience working with Walmart and Sam’s Club suppliers (now offering guidance regarding your POS data choices with Sam’s Club migration to MADRID). We’ve developed POS data management expertise and retail analytics tools tailored to the unique environment of these two retailers. Our consulting team also has extensive experience and success with GRS forecasting system, as well as MABD and OTIF compliance. Below are some of the benefits and capabilities of our Retail Link consulting services:

Improve Reporting to– and Communicating with – your BuyersWe help our clients speak the Walmart lingo and the specifics of Retail Link terminology in order to meet, and beat, the Buyers’ expectations.
Store Replenishment – Keeping Stores Instock and Navigating Walmart Replenishment ChannelsWe help you keep in stock and create recaps that can be easily turned into actionable scripts or recommendations. We have enabled significantly higher reorders than our clients were able to achieve on their own, and helped ensure steady flow of goods to stores.
Improve POS Forecast Accuracy and Efficiency of Inventory Projections to Better Manage Wholesale StockWe help create accurate forecasting beginning at door level in order to ensure goods are produced and arrive optimally both in regards to the right time and for the right product.
Optimize Market Basket/Related ItemsWe understand how product mix (item, size, color, prepack, category adjacencies) provides a feedback loop for improving product development
Leverage the Walmart Store of the Community – Trait/Demographic ProfilingWe identify the demographic, Walmart store traits, and trend characteristics of your end consumer to identify additional opportunities to generate retail sales.
Track and Predict Item or Program Sales, Ending Margins in Real Time, and Compare To Plan or HistoryWe help with inventory planning by week, determine cost, manage and reduce risk on margin “goals” on a real time basis and create Ladder Plans for Walmart and Sam’s Club.
Optimizing Assortments to Identify Opportunities to Increase Retail Sales, and Increasing Inventory EfficiencyBy tracking regional, size, color, or even model differentiation we can pinpoint opportunities and liabilities to drive location success, address out of stocks, and rebalance inventory to sales ratios.
Improving and Understanding Supplier Performance ScorecardWe show you how to improve your standing and honor your commitments by helping you maximize fill rates, compliance, sales, instocks, turns, etc.
Successfully Launch New Retail ProgramsWe help you present new brands and/or programs with great success by correlating retail market research to door locations while speaking the retailer’s language.

To download the PDF version of our Walmart and Sam’s Club consulting services overview, please click here.

We are also helping our customers optimize OTIF ratings that are below compliance levels and save what could easily amount to tens of thousands of dollars in penalties via a simple and straightforward tool that audits and auto-corrects your lead times for Walmart deliveries. These tools will help vendors of any scale address what we have found to be the leading cause of low OTIF scores.

Please note:
Retail Link is a registered trademark of Walmart Stores, Inc.
Enhanced Retail Solutions is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Walmart Stores, Inc. or Sam’s Club.

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