We started out as a retail consulting company and never lost touch with those roots. As our software business grew, we came to appreciate the synergy between the two:

  • Our consulting and reporting work enables us to stay current on evolving trends and what to automate to meet those needs.
  • Our retail analytics software enables our consulting team to be more efficient and provide even greater value.
  • Our support team does the same work you do so they understand your questions quickly and completely.
  • Many of our software clients rely on our consulting to help with one off projects and deeper retail analytics – And we already have the data needed for such work.


Retail Software and Consulting Services

Our Hybrid Business Model Consists of Our Retail Suite of Software and Our Consulting Services
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Enhanced Retail Suite of Software Enhanced Retail Solutions Consulting Service


Our deep understanding has also enabled us to combine and transform disparate pieces of input data into a uniform and complete data set for reporting and analysis.

Our experience and expertise even became the basis for teaching suppliers (and even retailers) how to think like retailers.


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