Rise to the Challenge with our OTIF Optimizer

In the past decade Walmart has made several attempts to increase vendor accountability, gradually tightening the window for orders to arrive at stores and still be considered “on time” and constantly monitoring fulfillment rates. These metrics have always been visible in Retail Link, whether on Vendor Scorecards or through other Company Summary reports tracking order by PO and item number.

This new implementation will be assisted by a switch from previous tracking via “MABD” and “ Fill Rate Compliance” to a new acronym representing a combined scoring under the guise of OTIF (On Time, In Full). Though Walmart calls the suite of new tracking resource a “scorecard”, it is a brand new web application which includes a multitude of new capabilities and adds additional depth to top line compliance figures. With this new tool, Walmart is has again shortened the window of what is considered “On Time”. If you are not in Food, Consumables, or Health & Wellness (which must be delivered only on the MABD date) then you must either be delivering a day earlier or on the exact ship date.

There is a lot to take in with these new tools and vendor expectations. We here at ERS are helping our customers optimize OTIF ratings that are below compliance levels and save what could easily amount to tens of thousands of dollars in penalties via a simple and straightforward tool that automates the distillation of this data and eliminate errors, audits and auto-corrects your lead times for Walmart deliveries. 


These tools will help vendors of any scale address what we have found to be the leading cause of low OTIF scores. 

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