Our experience in the retail industry has led us to conclude that the people with experience don’t have the time and the people with the time don’t have the experience to effectively utilize Retail Point of Sales data, leaving unrealized sales and profit gains. Those without planning background who do not know where to look or what to do with the information now have a virtual planner. Planners who dig into the details now have “virtual eyes” that complements our ad hoc and best practice retail sales reporting with a layer of analysis that assure that no important detail buried in thousands or millions of rows is ignored.


Features of ERS’ RetailNarrative Software:

  • RetailNarrative harnesses our many years of consulting experience and actionable reporting in a SAAS offering.
  • The AI assisted “expert system” combs through retail sales data asking the questions veteran analysts would to present the user the most actionable information in a dashboard with a concise narrative explanation.
  • Acts as your virtual “eyes” sifting through sku-store combinations in the background to find high and low level recommendations
  • When you open the reporting dashboard, the results have already been derived and your selections and interactions are instant.  

While the RetailNarrative software is geared to the Retail Industry, the software is built in such a way that – with the right domain expertise – actionable information can be generated from any Data Set (Small to “Big”).

Contact Enhanced Retail Solutions to learn how to best use RetailNarrative software to analyze your retail sales and planning – or most any other data.

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