With retailers – large and small – we’ve performed reporting and strategic consulting, helped overhaul their demand planning teams via needs analysis, and even managed those teams through the transition process.

While most manufacturers excel at product and service, far fewer understand the dynamics of retail analytics. For those that don’t have – or don’t want to invest in – the knowledgeable personnel with an understanding of retail planning, we offer a team of highly trained industry experts to fit their business needs. From basic sales analysis and reporting to strategic retail consulting, our 100+ years of buying background and domain expertise enables their sales team to make more effective pitches and recommendations. This insight not only leads to increased sales, profitability and improved inventory productivity; it also enhances the relationship they have with their retail partners.

JCPenney, RadioShack, CVS, Bed Bath and Beyond are just some of the retailers who have recommended our consulting services to their clients.


Our retail sales consulting services include, – and are not limited to:

  • Improved Communication with – and Reporting to – a supplier’s Buyers and Planners: we understand terminology and the Buyers’ expectations. In fact, many of the reports we have built have become standard formats for when retailers want to discuss our client’s business with them.
  • Improve Supplier Performance Scorecard: we show suppliers how to improve their standing and honor their commitments by helping them maximize fill rates, compliance, sales, instocks, turns, etc.
  • Store Level Replenishment: we help ensure every store in a chain is in stock and recommend appropriate inventory models based on their rate of sale. Creating not just the plan for how to increase business more than our clients could do on their own, we set immediately actionable next steps.
  • Demand Forecasting – Improve Accuracy and Efficiency of Sales and Inventory Projections to Better Manage Wholesale Stock: we help optimize inventory by balancing in-stock levels and leveraging receipt flow (quantity and timing of delivery).
  • Identify Opportunities to Increase Sales, Optimize Assortments, Product Turns and Profits: we understand turn and product mix (item, size, color, prepack), which provides a feedback loop for improving product development and can track promotions and product variations for location success, out of stocks, specific ratios.
  • Leverage Demographic Profiling: we identify the demographic, trait and trend characteristics of the end consumer to identify additional opportunities to generate sales and open new markets.
  • Not only Track but Predict Program Sales and Margins in Real Time, and benchmarking real sales versus Plan and History. Assist with creating Ladder Plans, determining cost, or reducing exposure on margin “goals” on a real time basis
  • Successfully Launch New Retail Programs: we help improve the presentation of new brands and/or programs by correlating market research to real geographical door locations while speaking the retailer’s language.
  • We are well versed on the retailers’ web portals and offer deep Retail Link expertise for Walmart and Sam’s Club.
  • We possess the experience and technology to normalize EDI Point of Sale 852 documents for retail sales analysis and demand planning for other large retailers.

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