Custom Solutions for Retail Inventory Forecasting

We deeply understand the retail industry, sales analysis and demand planning . We offer classes and have written books and guides about that subject. And our competitors have purchased them!

Our roles have been diverse in both scale and type in partnerships throughout the industry.  Meet our “special forces”.


Manufacturers are finding us to be their competitive advantage, from helping them launch new programs by adding science to their retail partner pitch to tracking sales and inventory to improve the productivity of their items at their retail partners (including VMI programs). ERS has been especially successful in helping our clients track their business at Walmart, vastly improving retail sales reporting and scorecard/performance standings, as well as helping uncover and address opportunities and problems.

Retailers large and small have benefit from our reporting and strategic consulting. We have even overhauled their demand planning teams and even managed those teams through the transition process.

We have helped Licensors make sense of myriad, insulated data streams which were previously siloed, monitoring and developing actionable strategies to maximize their tent pole events.

Our internal and offshore resources have written custom applications from small to enterprise in size based upon analysis of our clients’ needs.

To learn more about how ERS can help your business, contact us today!

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