Retail Software Solutions for Licensors

Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS) specializes in bringing the power of retail analytics to the licensor, examining all aspects of the business that can be optimized, including retail sales information by SKU and by door.  



At ERS we have over 30 years of buying, selling, branding, retail sales consulting and product development experience that you and your licensees can take advantage of. This insight enhances the relationships you and your licensees have with your retail partners.

Licensors, with ERS’ Software & Consulting you can:

  • Track sales by brand, category, retailer and licensee
  • Capture and study demographics of existing customers, even at door or zip code level 
  • Create clear, concise reports and action plans that licensees and retailers can implement with ease 
  • Access sell through information for chain, region, and door level 
  • Determine market basket and lost sales 
  • Determine Potential of a brand/license 
  • Penetrate new markets, with optimized time lines 
  • Determine effectiveness of promotional lifts and price points at retail 
  • Review licensee productivity and insure royalty accountability
  • Have one consistent platform of reporting across all retailers/licensees 

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