Enhanced Retail Solutions started as a retail consulting firm to help suppliers study sell through at their retail partners and improve the management of their wholesale inventory. We created a retail software suite including POS, inventory, demand and sales forecasting functionality for internal use and then commercialized it based on our client’s interest. Along the way, we realized that many companies could make use of our expertise through other means.


Retail Merchant Class


First we created our Retail Merchant Class.


ERS Retail Primer


We then abstracted the essence of the class in our Retail Primer. It did not surprise us that many suppliers purchased it. It did surprise us to learn that many retailers, hedge funds, and even competitors purchased it as well.

ERS Free Resources


Along the way, we created some Free Resources that we felt would benefit the retail, manufacturing, and licensing communities.


ERS Partners

And finally, we wanted to extend the value of our offerings via Our Partners.

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