Reaching An Inflection Point?



We get a lot of calls from ecommerce, digitally native brands, DTC and small 10 – 100 store brick & mortar retailers who are trying to navigate the forces affecting their growth potential. For many, the mindset has been to buy, buy, buy.  They believe being out of stock is more costly than marking down the product later. And they don’t have the time and/or knowledge to take a step back to figure out how much of the right item to buy. That may work for early movers, but buying without boundaries uses up capital that could be deployed more meaningfully (eg: research, product development, marketing, etc…).


Eventually as competition enters their market price pressure removes the high profit they were enjoying – and they need to spend more in marketing to differentiate themselves –  a double hit to profitability. If they get the right Buy Plans now early on, they have more firepower to beat competitors so they can continue to thrive.




Whether it is a changing retail environment, more competition, lack of automated systems or retail expertise, ERS offers the core retail experience and tools needed to continue growth and scale businesses for the future. We offer affordable hands-on consulting and/or rapid and cost-effective custom software development. We are helping companies like yours improve the management of their business while increasing revenue, profit and improving inventory productivity. Areas of improvement include:

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