Why Our Retail POS Software & Consulting Services Are Different

Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS) is a retail analytics, demand planning software and consulting company centered around the organization, interpretation and leveraging of data for retailers, their suppliers and licensors leading to greater sales, increased profit and improved inventory productivity.

Our clients best articulate what makes us different.  They tend to point to six qualities that separate us from other retail POS and Demand Planning software and consulting companies. This is what they have to say (please click on each quality to read their quotes):

1. Knowledge...
“The clincher [in choosing ERS] was their superior knowledge of the buyer’s perspective, and how we could leverage that to better analyze our data and be an even better partner with our customers.”

“Every time we meet I am enlightened.”

“You are the only [retail analytics] vendor that gets it.”

ERS knows Retail POS and the nuances with the data.  They’ve helped to navigate the EDI and POS world.  Together we have set up pre-formatted and custom-made weekly reports and charts.  Preparing for meetings has become easy, because we have the retailer’s POS analysis information presented better than the retailer, in most cases.  Deeper-dive projects help us to get important trends across to the merchants in a meaningful way, drilling down on SKU or store specific performance.  They make all of us look good.

ERS knows my Company.  When we meet, we start by discussing my company’s successes and challenges.  We discuss any new reporting needs within my leadership team, and with existing customers.  They have been incredible with new distribution channels and new customers.  We analyze store tests or look for opportunities within the current assortment data.

ERS knows me.  Our relationship is strong.  Because everyone’s business ebbs and flows, we may go for weeks without speaking.  Sometimes we speak daily.  It does not take much for me to bring the ERS team up to speed with our latest requests, because ERS knows who I am, what I want to analyze, and how I need to present it.  They always have fresh ideas for customer presentations.”

We are more than a technology company. We deeply understand the retail industry and the discipline of sales analysis. We have even run classes and written books and guides about that subject. And our competitors have purchased them!


2. Business Intelligence Tools for Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards...

“We switched to ERS for our retail POS gathering and presentation because of the greater flexibility, ease of use, ability to upload our own data and the larger variety of reporting and analysis tools than our previous provider had.”

“Retail Synthesis is a great application that was not designed to be single retailer-centric, as some applications can be, but is very flexible and able to accommodate widely varying data types and sources. The tools and templates included in the application positioned us very well to eliminate a lot of time waste by moving to this environment and standardizing deliverables.”

Yes we have incredibly actionable software tools. We also offer a fully interactive tool set to create reports the way you want them.  You do not need us to create the reports for you – You have the power to do that yourself. We even offer software that asks all the right domain specific questions of the data, scores the answers of those questions and produces the top actionable items that could directly affect your business.

Our software will accept most any data source: not just EDI 852 documents, but also portal downloads, CSV, text or Excel files.


3. Retail Analytics, Demand Planning Software and Consulting Services...

“ERS provides algorithms and business findings not in a vacuum, packaged and used by many people.”

“You are a big resource of knowledge and product.”

“The folks at ERS are hands on and very informative. They have helped us analyze our inventory and POS data much more efficiently, which has allowed us to be more productive with our items for our customers. They are a great resource for critical analysis of your scorecard as a vendor as well”.

Retail POS Software and Sales Consulting: The Yin and Yang of Retail Analytics and Demand Planning. Our Software enables our Consulting Team to be efficient and cost effective.  Our Consulting enables us to understand your business and goals.  And to code tools to automate the process on an ongoing basis – As new business needs arise and evolve.

Often our clients engage us for Software and Consulting: To load and/or augment their data feeds. Or execute specific projects or help the planning team if they are overloaded.


4. One Stop Source for Retail Analytics and Demand Planning Software...

“We …. look forward to someday using the full suite of tools that ERS has in order to take advantage of their forecasting capabilities”.

Many clients have chosen us because we offer software for retail POS analysis as well as for Item Planning, Retail Door Level Replenishment and Forecasting – Even if they are not yet ready to move forward with Demand Planning.  After all, each need is driven from POS data and these retail software tools are inter-linked.


5. Adaptive, Flexible, Go To Resource...

“We need the ERS Magic Box.”

What is the “Magic Box”? It is our ability to understand a pain point and offer both consulting and retail software to quickly and cost effectively address it. Our Business Intelligence Engine enables our clients to customize reporting and views into their data without adding cost.


6. Service, Service, Service...

“The software and support has been excellent. Your team has been great and very responsive to all the questions and issues we have had.”

“Thanks again for all your assistance. We appreciate you going above and beyond for us!”

“Your service is impeccable.”

“You know we really enjoy working with you guys, and appreciate the attention that you give to us.”

“You have always been responsive and available; going above and beyond.”

“The software and support has been excellent. Your team has been great and very responsive to all the questions and issues we have had.”

“I’d like to thank you all for your help this past year, for always being available to answer questions and for being the voice of reason when needed.”

At ERS, we’re proud to provide the Retail POS software and consulting services our clients need to be successful. View our testimonials to see what else our clients have to say about us, or contact us to discuss your needs.

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