Enhanced Retail Solutions was founded in 2002 by a group of retail veterans who saw a fundamental shift occurring between retailers and their vendor partners. In today’s environment retailers demand more from suppliers, particularly when it comes to the management and financial accountability of merchandise programs including inventory forecasting, demand planning, and sales analysis. While this can be a challenging prospect for suppliers, we at Enhanced Retail Solutions empower our customers to turn these obstacles into opportunities with our software, tools and consulting services.

Our Sales Forecasting and Demand Planning Software, as well as our Retail Analytics and Consulting Services transform vast quantities of data into meaningful, actionable information for optimizing inventories. Retail management consulting experience combined with an extensive software development background deliver real world solutions for our customers’ real world problems. So much more than just a retail technology company, Enhanced Retail Solutions offers businesses a one stop source for analytics and planning supported by a suite of POS system and forecasting software tools, while our Consulting Services allow us to better understand and aid you in achieving your goals.

We provide retailers, suppliers, and licensors a sophisticated yet easy to use business intelligence software suite for managing the performance of their items. Our Retail POS Software and Consulting Services provide our customers with:

  • Greater flexibility, ease of use and a variety of reporting and business intelligence tools to assist the buyer, planner and allocator.
  • Peerless knowledge of the industry, demand planning, technology and sales analytics.
  • Deep technical expertise from EDI Specialists, Retail Sales Consultants and POS/Inventory Control and Forecasting Software.
  • Customized solutions based on each organization’s needs – large or small – and an extremely scalable web subscription software for retail/e-commerce analytics, inventory forecasting and strategic source planning.
  • Sales analysis and/or inventory management consulting services.

Enhanced Retail Solutions Star Loop - Managing sales and inventory data in four steps: Sell - Track - Analyze - React

Enhanced Retail Solutions’ ERS STAR Loop

Smart suppliers know that the key to becoming a valued resource is to become a retail STAR.

The ERS STAR LOOP™ breaks down the process of sales analysis and inventory management into four steps: SELL – TRACK – ANALYZE – REACT. Competitive advantage is achieved when this cycle can be processed more quickly than the competition. With Enhanced Retail Solutions, our customers can analyze, interpret and take action on sales and inventory data rapidly while making merchandising recommendations to the buyer and enjoying improved productivity – a win for retailer, supplier, and licensor.

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