Our CEO offers assurances and help for your business during this difficult time.

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Our consulting team can provide the resources you need to optimize inventory and regain your sales and profitability as stores reopen.

Track Re-Opened Stores – See which stores are open for the key retailers. Compare TY vs. LY based on ERS global data set.

Our LinkedIn Group with Retail and Supplier specific resources around COVID-19

Our Retail Primer which is free until end April with this code: sociald

5 Strategies for Retail to Vaccinate Against the Secondary Effects of Coronavirus

Based on feedback from our CEO’s first message, we are back with aggregate sales information, practical tactical actionable reporting suggestions and a list of resources to help you through these trying times.

How to determine how much of your business has shifted on line and how to forecast for the shift:

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Our hybrid solution to manage inventory as stores reopen.

ERS Maximizing Retail Opportunities and Minimizing Pain in the COVID-19 Environment Webinar

Stay up to date on tools, resources, and support made necessary during this time.

Companies that are hiring now.

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