Have you waited and waited for your retail partner’s portal to deliver your POS data each Monday morning? Or even for each page to refresh? Or clicked 52 times to get at a chain’s individual store level data?

Our software can connect to most any retail portal to download and then ingest your Point of Sale data. At any time. Automatically.

ERS has developed software that mimics the steps one would take on a retail portal to retrieve the data. And our extensive knowledge enables you to get the very best possible information out of each site.

Minutes later you can add images and other fields of data, automatically generate and send reports, interact with the data or have our software inform you about the most important deltas at each of your retail partners each week.


Free yourself from:

  • Hours or days of tedious work.
  • Human error.
  • Reports that are ready too late in the week.
  • Separate data silos for each retailer.
  • Different report formats for each retailer.
  • Limited historical POS data.

By the way, we also can automatically scoop up Excel spreadsheets and EDI 852 POS data. And offer you a File Load Tracker that shows the status of your EDI and other data loads. You can quickly see the number of records, sales, on hand and dollars each week would quickly point out an anomaly.

ERS Data Import Tracker

ERS Data Import Tracker

If you’d like a hassle-free way to transform your retailers’ portal data POS data to usable metrics and reports, please contact the retail analytics specialists at Enhanced Retail Solutions.

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