COVID Dashboard

Managing Inventory Post Covid-19

It will require more than software to manage inventory after Covid-19. New algorithms and smart, experienced demand planners will need to “pressure test” assumptions and optimize inventory Productivity.

Fusing the power of software and our consulting team can provide the resources you need to optimize inventory and regain your sales and profitability as stores reopen.

Improve Your Forecast & Allocation As Stores Reopen

Using the compare features in our Reporting, we created these charts that show how stores are performing against last year. In the majority of cases it is taking about 3 weeks for reopened stores to become positive. It varies greatly by product category and store location. These can be used as a guide in your re-forecasting and allocation efforts.

A Powerful Solution for A Tough Problem

Software customized and curated to client needs while injecting industry best practices.


Use open store trends to fine tune models for soon to reopen stores.


Assigns priorities and keeps track of SKU-stores worked.


Store level data at your fingertips to quickly balance inventory.


System calculates recommended inventory by SKU-store.

Track Re-Opened Stores

See which stores are open for the key retailers. Compare This Year vs. Last Year based on our global data set.

For other retailers, more detailed information or for an analysis of your business in reopened stores, please contact us.

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