Some of Our Retail Sales and Demand Planning Analytics & Consulting Clients

For over a decade Enhanced Retail Solutions has provided Retailers, Manufacturers and Licensors revolutionary tools to help them make more profitable decisions. Our retail POS software integrates multiple points of data on one platform that arms the user with actionable information to make the confident inventory and merchandising decisions which lead to improved sales, profit and efficiency. Our mission is to be the leader in retail sales analytics and demand planning software and consulting services that enable and transform the way our customer gathers, manages and interprets retail data. We aim to provide our customer with a competitive advantage by unlocking the opportunities and liabilities that would otherwise go unnoticed. We do this by incorporating state of the art retail sales and demand planning technology with customized consulting services. Unlike many large consulting firms who do more “recommending”, we are laser focused on taking action – and providing the tools to do so.

These are some of the companies/brands who have chosen our classes, retail sales POS and demand planning software and/or consulting to grow their sales and profits and improve their inventory positions:

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