For every dollar spent on our offerings,  Enhanced Retail Solutions’ (ERS) clients have gained sixty six dollars in increased sales and profit. See some of our clients that have chosen our retail analytics and demand planning software, classes, and consulting to increase their profits. Some ROI success stories follow:

A top three retailer uses ERS POS tracking, store ranking and mapping feature to identify over one million dollars of freight cost savings by tailoring shipping from different warehouses.

 ERS analysis of business helps major supplier to Walmart increase sales 46% and increase Net Maintained Margin Dollars by 55% in less than one year helping them become a Category Manager.

ERS consulting enables a leading brand denim supplier to save $100,000+ in markdown dollars.

ERS consulting enables an inner wear company to lower their wholesale inventory from 400,000 units to 80,000 units while staying in stock on a replenishment program for a top 10 retailer.

ERS demographic profiling program convinces a major retailer to test a new program. That program has become a $40+ million dollar/year business.

An $11,000 consulting project with a toy company generates $250,000 of additional business with one retailer in less than 5 months.

Using ERS facilitates a $27 million launch for an apparel client at a top 5 retailer.

ERS helps client increase its Instock level at Walmart from 85% to 98%, generating an additional $1.5 million in sales.

ERS consulting and analytics enables a top jeans company to achieve a 30% store execution improvement in two weeks by bringing non-executing doors to buyer’s attention at Macy’s. ERS analysis and strategy leads to additional tactical initiatives that lead to a 10%, then 20% margin improvement.

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