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** Please read the following before proceeding:

The Retail Primer eBook that you are about to purchase is downloadable immediately following the successful completion of your purchase.  Once you successfully process your payment from the PayPal website, you must click the link that allows you to Return to the Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC website.  Failure to do so will prevent you from being able to access the eBook download link.

Checking Out and Payment Options

To initiate the checkout process, you must click the above [Proceed to Checkout ->] button.  Upon doing so you will be redirected to the Retail Primer Checkout page, where you will be instructed to enter your billing information.  Immediately below this section, you will find the Your order section.  This is where you can confirm your order before submitting it for payment.

For  your convenience, you may pay using a credit card or your PayPal account.  Regardless of which payment method you desire, you will need to select the PayPal payment method and click the [Place Order] button.  This will redirect you to the PayPal Choose a way to pay webpage for payment processing.

Paying via Credit Card

If you are electing to pay via credit card, do not log into your PayPal account.  Instead, click on the Don’t have a PayPal account? link.  This will cause the section to expand and display a credit card entry form.  Please proceed with entering the appropriate information and click the orange [Pay] button toward the bottom of the screen.

Paying via PayPal

If you prefer to purchase Retail Primer using PayPal, proceed with logging into your PayPal account.  Next, follow the appropriate instructions from within PayPal in order to submit payment.

How to Download your Retail Primer eBook

Upon processing your payment, PayPal will display a successful payment confirmation page.  Within this page you will find a link to return to the Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC website (note the font is small).  Please click this link and you will be redirected to the Order Received confirmation page contained within the Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC website.

Toward the top of the Order Details section, you will find 2 links.  Please click on the Download file: ERS-Retail-Primer.pdf to download your copy of the Retail Primer eBook.


  1. I am unable to download the file – If you click on the Download file: ERS-Retail-Primer.pdf  link and nothing appears to happen, please check and potentially turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker and try again.
  2. I am receiving a message that I have reached my download limit – Odds are that even though you may not feel you clicked the download link, that this has occurred albeit accidentally.  Please check your computer’s download folder for a file named ERS-Retail-Primer. pdf.  If you still are unable to locate the eBook, please call us at 212-938-1991 for further assistance.
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