Our mission is to be the leader in gathering, managing and interpreting retail sales data with the aim of providing our customers with a competitive advantage.

For over a decade Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS) has provided Retailers, Manufacturers and Licensors revolutionary retail analytics tools to help them make more profitable decisions. Our retail sales analysis software integrates multiple points of data on one platform that arms the user with actionable information to make the confident inventory and merchandising  decisions which lead to improved sales, profit and efficiency.

 √ Improve Retail Sales, Profit & Inventory Tracking
– Find more actionable information that will make a huge difference when executed
– Gain visibility at store level to reveal execution issues, spot early trends Improve Your Sales, Profit & Inventory Tracking with ERS
– Create interactive dashboards, on the fly visuals
– Automatically email reports and dashboards
–  Increase optimization across items, SKU’s and locations
– Integrate other data sources: weather, demographics, wholesale inventory, forecasts, ladder plans

 √ Improve Demand Planning Accuracy

Improve Your Demand Planning Accuracy with ERS

– Forecasting tools allow you to estimate future sales
– Inventory control software helps determine more accurate inventory requirements, production planning
– Compare Retailer’s forecast to supplier forecast


Improve Future Assortments

Improve Your Future Assortments with ERS– Drill down to lowest level to measure stock to sales
– Make size scale, color, style adjustments



 √ Become the Trusted Advisor

Become the Trusted Advisor– Help the buyer & planner do their job (as they have to deal with multitude of suppliers and programs)
– Have access to deeper information than they do – tell them something they do not know
– Catch trends quicker

Calculate the ROI of our offerings.

When you’re ready to put our retail analytics and sales consulting services to work for your organization, contact ERS!

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