Old world companies tend to struggle more than before, while Digitally Native Brands/Direct to Consumer companies with brilliant new offerings* grow rapidly and suddenly reach an inflection point where buying inventory without boundaries can no longer be sustained.

The retail world changed too. Sales from e-commerce have sapped business from Brick and Mortar stores. Companies need and want to track and compare both types of business as well as manage their aggregate inventory needs – whether they are retailers, suppliers or both. Many who once struggled keeping up with weekly sales analysis now want to study it daily.

All the while, some things never change. Markdowns cost retailers $300 billion last year according to Retail Dive.

Our company has evolved to meet these challenges, adapting our consulting and software to these new business models and integrating more and more outside data. The common thread, however, remains the same: providing deeper visibility and automating sales analysis and the buying process; helping our clients address poor visibility and a lack of time – tactically short term and strategically long term.

We are excited about this new type of business while we stay committed to helping our more traditional clients face their new challenges and realities.

And welcome the occasion to share “war stories” with you.


* Some really cool offerings include:

  • Apparel you can swap out at no charge as you go up and down in size.
  • Jeans that are produced using just one cup of water.
  • Shoes made of natural materials.     
  • A commitment to a transparent supply chain.
  • Offers of a monthly subscription service.

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