Retail Analytics and Demand Planning Solutions for Suppliers

It is no longer enough to make a terrific product. A manufacturer must know the retail business better than the buyer does. Acquiring that knowledge can be unusually intimidating, utterly necessary, yet ultimately rewarding. 

Use ERS’ retail POS and inventory planning technology to tell your buyer something they don’t know

Tell your buyer something they do not know

The ever changing world of retail has shifted accountability to the manufacturer. Many retailers today are leveraging the resources of their suppliers to help them manage their business.  This places increased pressure on you to have to constantly monitor store level sales and inventory, forecasting future sales, determining replenishment quantities by store, comparing color and size ratios, determining demographic and geographic characteristics and more.

Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS) provides Revolutionary Sales Forecasting Tools, Demand Planning Software, Retail Analytics and Consulting Services to enable you to significantly improve business analysis. Our offerings read and interpret Point of Sale and inventory data and arm you with information to make the confident inventory and merchandising decisions that lead to improved sales, profit and efficiency.

ERS services a broad range of customers in many verticals including electronics, home décor, consumer products, home textile, apparel, footwear, toy, home improvement, food, housewares, and jewelry. We see many companies are using our state of the art retail analytics technology coupled with the expertise of our consulting services as their competitive advantage. ERS’ products and services are unique as they allow us to service both retailers and manufacturers, so we can tailor our software and services to fit your organization’s needs.


Our retail sales consulting provides reporting, counsel and exposure to best practices in your industry. Our software offerings can complement your current solutions in the following ways:

A Very Flexible and Automated Platform:

  • Quick, easy access to door level data with filters and roll ups to enable time effective study of stocks outs and execution allowing a truer sense of sell through. This has enabled vendors to double their business and/or become category managers or at least trusted advisors with key retailer partners.
  • “Push” retail reporting via email, automatically.
  • Dashboard views of the business based upon what management want to monitor; cloud based and smartphone/iPad friendly.
ERS’ retail sales reporting for suppliers

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Instant Best practice reporting including Demographics, Store Ranking, Inventory-Sales Ratios, Turnover, Trend, Store Execution, Door Level Lost Sales, Opportunity/Liability by door or store cluster and more.

  • These reports separate the “signal” from the “noise” of as many as thousands of doors and a multitude of items: Who the consumer is for a specific item or program, which stores/items need attention.
  • Based on some of the brightest minds in retail, these reports are highly actionable and of tremendous benefit to your buyers and merchandisers. That is why many retailers recommend us to their vendors.
ERS’ store level demographics map

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Help for you to better forecast your wholesale inventory needs.

  • Enable you to stay in stock, thus allowing your retail partner to stay in stock.
  • Enable you to effectively determine which items to phase out or re-assort, becoming a trusted resource for your buyers.
  • We recently enabled a client to reduce their wholesale inventory 80% while keeping their retail partner in stock on replenishment programs.
ERS’ inventory control software

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