About You

Every website has an “About Us” section.  How many websites have an “About You” section?

At Enhanced Retail Solutions, our days start and end with you. We understand each company operates differently and has unique needs. That is why we listen, learn, suggest and adapt to your needs. Whether the solution is retail analytics, demand planning, or one of our other offerings, you can be sure it will work for your business.

Unlike a basic reporting service, we help you interpret your inventory planning and sell through data, acting as a mentor, counselor, strategist and sounding board. We know that technology alone will not solve problems: only the integration between efficient tools and “best of breed” expertise can. Because we offer both the state of the art technology and the interpretation, many of our customers enhance or replace their existing retail software tools with ours.

At ERS, we focus on making your data ACTIONABLE. We were buyers, so we know how they think. We know how they plan items, how they promote and how they plan profitability. We understand their perspective, and know how to present data in the right way to have more impact. Retail is in one’s blood – it’s instinctive. Some say you are either born with it or you’re not. Well, we were born with it.

Today’s retail world is all about numbers, and we help you interpret them. We know you live in a world of fire drills. The next time you get one, contact us.

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