Use ERS’ suite of business intelligence software to make your job easier

You’re a Buyer in the midst of the busiest time of the year. Overwhelmed with retail sales data from multiple legacy systems and a bunch of spreadsheets, you’re being pulled in a million directions as you try to concentrate on coming up with accurate numbers to make your buys on time. Products are being dropped and set, marked down and reevaluated. Meetings are non stop and you’re being called on to put out fires in other departments.

As a Supplier you have over 1,000 SKU’s to evaluate for 3 of your big retail accounts. Items are being dropped and you might own wholesale inventory on them, some items are just hitting the stores this week and you might not have enough, and a buyer is asking for markdown money. Each retailer gives you different sales data in different formats and you somehow need to put it all together for you and management to interpret.

As a Licensor you’re trying to increase your brand penetration at retail and help guide your Licensees to develop effective promotions and profitable lines for their retail partners. Working with both retailer and supplier data to build financial plans is cumbersome. Just getting the data can be a challenge.

The world is growing more complex every day. It is your role to quickly translate masses of retail sales data into information your company and customers can use. It’s a tough job.

Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you’re not used to having all of this on your plate but it can get easier with retail analytics software, retail sales consulting and business intelligence reporting from Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS)! At ERS we understand the expectations and requirements of retail sales analysis, demand forecasting and inventory planning and management. We appreciate the workload and stress these demands place on you and your company. We want you to know it is our mission, purpose and promise to make tools and provide retail data management solutions that make your job easier and your company more effective. For more information on our easy to use business intelligence tools, contact us today!