At Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS), we have been showing retailers and their suppliers where to find hidden sources of profits, how to reduce risks and costs, and how to optimize their wholesale inventory and retail distribution.  By combining the resources between retailers and manufacturers with our knowledge and retail data management technology, we have created a dynamic network of information sharing from which all parties can benefit – To the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars of added sales and profits.

Increase sales and profit with retail consulting from ERS

ERS’ retail sales consulting services and demand planning tools have helped increase the sales and profit for our customers by:

  • Increasing the amount of pre-planning and analysis.
  • Developing financial plans by item or category based on seasonality, the retailer’s promotional cadence and margin goals.
  • Tracking retail sales, inventory and margin results every week and compare to plan.
  • Making actionable recommendations on top performing and poor performing items.
  • Conducting retail analysis at individual door level to learn how to assort stores based on performance of specific products.
  • Automated door level replenishment.
  • Optimizing inventory levels needed to meet demand.
  • Facilitating Collaborative Forecasting.

Improve retail sales analysis with ERS’ consulting services and technologyThrough increased communication, both supplier and retailer have a consistent understanding of where the business is heading. Our retail sales consultants help you put a well-built structure in place, which means you’ll can be free of surprises at the end of the season!

Our consulting services and software tools are cost effective and present the facts with simple clarity. Contact us today to start adding more dollars to your bottom line.