Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS) believes the key to effective retail point of sale reporting is all about Flexibility, Responsiveness and Customization.

We started developing software years ago based on a “one size fits all” premise. Why not develop a set of actionable retail POS reporting for our clients to use?

While this was successful, over the course of time it was not enough.

Every company handles their retail analysis, replenishment and sourcing processes differently. We feel it is better to adapt our retail POS software to the client, rather than to shoehorn the client’s workflow into our software.

So we broadened our retail POS analytics software from standard, Best Practice reporting to also include ad hoc, business intelligence report builders. Our Business Intelligence software also enables us to integrate data from legacy systems. While incredibly helpful, it is not always enough.

Now we often conduct a thorough needs analysis to really listen and more accurately identify what processes, integration, tools and services will improve the retail analytic, demand planning or sourcing process. This discovery will include documenting the current process – obtained by interviewing subject matter experts (SME’s). The results are eye opening and useful – even apart from our retail analytics software – as companies embrace standardization and alignment to the best work flow.

After our analysis, a pilot program would be developed to test the viability of the recommendations. From the analysis, our team would make recommendations to help our clients meet their goals.

In addition, our retail software is developed in a way that allows for time and cost effective customization roughly following RAD methodology:

Phases in the James Martin approach to rapid application development (RAD)
Phases in the James Martin approach to Rapid Application Development

Having users interact with evolving prototypes leads to much higher business functionality. Our software is more usable and has a better chance to focus on business problems that are critical to end users rather than technical problems of interest to developers. Additionally, a RAD approach can focus in early on the key risk factors and adjust to them based on empirical evidence collected in the early part of the process. Finally, it helps our projects to be completed on time and within budget.

Additionally the structure of our foundation software is built to be customized and is always integrated with our Business Intelligence software for reporting that can be customized by the end user. We believe not only in quality software that facilitates our clients’ goals. We also want to develop quickly and cost effectively.

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