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Smart companies manage inventory by the numbers, not by chance. They are passionate about collecting, integrating and interpreting POS and inventory management data to improve their merchandise decision-making ability. Most companies cannot accomplish this on their own. They need the expertise and technology to make it happen. ERS is a service-oriented business with the goal of helping retailers, suppliers, distributors and brands turn their inventory faster, forecast more accurately and provide deeper visibility to sales. If you want to make money in today’s retail environment it is essential. Our approach is different. Engagements begin by learning how a client’s organization works, its resource limitations, what the planning process looks like and what the goals are. Then we recommend the most efficient and affordable solution to achieve them. That ensures our client is getting the most value from their engagement.
We deeply understand the retail industry, sales analysis and demand planning . We offer classes and have written books and guides about that subject. And our competitors have purchased them!
Our Intelligent Retail Software Platform is the foundation and data warehouse for Retail Sales Analysis and Demand Planning. Is gathering all that data a hassle? Need help making sense of that data? We can help with that as well.
We are here for you on whatever level works best. We can be a an outsourced planning team, a data aggregator, a pure software provider or anything in between. Rest assured we will find the right type of engagement together.

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We service a broad range of customers in many verticals including apparel, home textiles, home décor, toys, accessories, hardware and CPG. By combining the planning resources between retailers,  manufacturers and licensors, we have created a dynamic network of retail analytics and demand planning information sharing from which all parties can benefit.
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