A few things we’re great at

ERS clients are passionate about collecting, integrating and interpreting POS and inventory data to improve their merchandise decision-making ability. Most companies need expertise, technology and engagement to make it happen. We happen to be great at all three.


Best Practices, Planning Discipline & Process, Data Interpretation, Vendor Managed Inventory, Category Management


Data Collection & Warehousing, POS Analytic Reporting, Custom Software & Dashboards, Forecasting, Augmented Intelligence


Personal Relationships, Extension of Your Team, Training & Coaching, Multiple Report Delivery Methods, Flexibility & Support

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say about our AI-Powered Retail Analytics and Demand Planning Consulting + Software as a Service:

These reports allow us to move away from Excel and the sourcing teams to really look at their business by season and understand their variances year over year. I wanted to tell you how awesome this was for us that you made happen”

Demand Planning Director-Global Sourcing 
Top Retailer

No request is too large and all are done in a most efficient manner. I would recommend ERS to all retail suppliers”

Sr. Vice President – Sales 


The analytics we reviewed were very insightful and will allow us to make some strategic decisions on holiday and retail executions”

SVP/Global Licensing 

Top Licensor

Our Team

With over 125 years of retail and wholesale expertise, our staff and methods have proven to more advantageously INTERPRET point of sale information- enabling our retail and wholesale clients to save and earn millions of dollars in business. Meet the rest of the team.

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