Advanced Sales Analysis

Our  cloud based or in-house business intelligence platform provides an open, flexible reporting tool. Advanced reporting provides demographic and geographic analysis as well as sku-store optimization tools. Integrate POS, ERP, PLM and other data sources.

Features & Benefits:

Offered as either a software as a service or installed in-house, Retail Synthesis enables you to transform your POS data into dynamic content.

Build reports with the statistics that are important to you, formatted the way you want to see them.

Build multiple dashboards customized with the reports and visualizations that matter to you most.

Interactive experience- “Drill” from one level to the next- either through a merchandise hierarchy (company-department-item-color-size) and/or location (chain-store) in data grids or charts. Read more about “Retail Synthesis” by clicking here.

We integrate Planalytics‘ business weather intelligence forecasting system with our POS Analytic and Demand Planning Software. Learn more.

Find out more about our mall report functionality.

Check out our dashboard features.