E-Commerce Analytics

Our e-commerce extension to Retail Synthesis is a management tool that allows you to track your e-commerce traffic, revenue and average order value on a daily basis. It connects to a multitude of sources such as an organization’s ERP system, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Bronto Software and eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network (formerly PepperJam Exchange). This ability to try different tactics and constantly test those email marketing, social media and web promotion efforts enable companies to channel their money and marketing into what is working.

Average Time on Device
Average Time on Device

Web analytics tools seek to monitor and report on the interaction between Internet users and specific websites or marketing initiatives for the purpose of increasing those interactions. But they do not pull all the necessary information together. Never before has there been a more comprehensive view to pinpoint what marketing spends are contributing to sales as well as to net, net revenue (after item cost, shipping, handling, etc.).

Integration with Retail Synthesis enables a unified view across brick and mortar and e-commerce channels.  Finally, automated reporting and dashboards assure visibility across an organization.

What better way is there to leverage the ROI of your e-commerce efforts?