EDI POS Conversion Process

One of the great advantages of our software products is its flexibility to accept data from various sources. We have state of the art hardware and software tools that enable millions of lines of raw, unparsed EDI POS (852) text to be converted for use in our system in minutes! By outsourcing this process to Enhanced Retail Solutions, you don’t have to invest in sophisticated infrastructure (hardware, technical support, etc) to get actionable data.

Many manufacturers have attempted to process 852 data and either failed or quickly found it to be a significant drain of resources- both money and time. That’s because translating EDI (and other documents required in the process) involves scrubbing, synthesizing and applying business rules, formulas and algorithms, error checking and validation. And because every retailer provides data in a different format, the entire process must be amenable to change.

Please click the pdf for a graphic overview of the EDI Conversion Process:

EDI 852 automates POS data collection